‘Serrano and Manchego’ in 192 Magazine

‘Starbank Park’ in One Hand Clapping 

‘Transfer’ in Riggwelter Press, Issue 19

‘Sonnet’ in Roanoke Review

‘Britten at Belsen’, ‘Sons’ and ‘Panic at Haymarket’ in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal (1 and 4)

‘Ledes I-III’ in The North No.63

‘Breakage’ in Eyeflash Poetry

‘Biennale’ in The Island Review, 2019

‘In Margate’ in Gutter Magazine, 2019.

‘Kildonan Sand’ on The Island Review, August 2016.

‘Montmartre’ in Gutter Magazine No.15, Autumn 2016.

‘Doe, a Deer’ was published by Bottlecap Press in early 2016.

‘Poem’ and ‘Joint’ by Black Napkin, Volume 1 Issue 2

‘Bin’ in Northwords Now 29 (2015)

‘Brussels’ in Valve Journal IV (2015)

‘Dismantling the Cot’ in Structo 13 (2015)

‘On Jura’ in The Island Review (2014)

‘Alone With His Longing …’ in The Fish Anthology (2014)

‘Island’ in Gutter Magazine 08 (2013)

‘Soul and Cell’ and ‘Passing Places’ for Nadfly (2007)

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